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>> new twists in the sex scandal. american general caught up. >> kwame brown will find out his punishment today after being -- guilty to a federal
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bank fraud charges. ♪ >> move over a backup blast, be a newms to theender for worst song of year. rebecca black. >> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington." on your side. thatat would we do youtube. >> good morning, washington. i am cynné simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. thet will be slow going on road i am sure. we will check in with steve and a second. the weatheryou headlines. down as we coming speak and will continue through good part of the morning. get past the noon hour and that drive up and we thissee clearing afternoon. temperature-wise we are back below average. hope you enjoyed that 72
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degrees yesterday afternoon. at doppler a look radar. you can see the rain is across the area. off to the west is worry heavier showers are. mostly white and moderate rain. at 9:00 a.m., 47 and rain. noon, 51 and may be a stray showers. your seven-day in just a minute. first-run the belfort furniture center, let us check on traffic. >> here we are on 395 at duke street. a what the roads are. delays for an accident free. overnight construction that was up run the beltway cleared moved in it. around the beltway, we are in good shape. 270.we are on you can see some of the road
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spray. still moving well. it will be slow past the exit for 109. incident free fortunately. good shape as we head over to the springfield interchange. heavier traffic and yesterday with the holiday. a little heavy and slow going in the hov lanes. steady up till the springfield interchange. back to you. >> thank you. comingsts just keep on the david sex scandal. top military official under investigation. >> they are looking into e-mails that john allen woman that triggered investigation. >> a lot to sort out. general john allen, the united states commander in afghanistan is now being linked to this ended davidn that career with the cia.
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>> general john allen the top united states commander in now undern is investigation for allegedly sending in a corporate e-mails the woman who triggered the .esignation of david latest twist in this now scandal after spending of paula, theome who david had an affair with. left this morning with d computer. to abc news, the search comes up to the fbi thousands of e-mails and paula d. telling the affair. >> am sure both of them look transpiredt has now realize they have both made biggest mistakes of their lives. >> is not investigation that now was the fbi facing scrutiny. lawmakers want to know why there the probeold about when theo began.gation fbi, they call it a preliminary investigation.
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they realize that he had caught in this. caused them to take it the way through. >> now the fbi says they are cringing a timeline to present to capitol hill that happened and what when. housee alert the white about thisd out until election day. live, brianne carter. >> thank you. in other news connected to the , congress set to begin hearings looking into the deadly on the united states in the libya. >> there will hold a closed door hearing on the september 11 ghazi. on benigno zaz >> congress returns from its recess today with the fiscal .liff looming d congress at the white house -- they have until 31 to reach a if a compromise is not reached,
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increases will take experts said it would spark another recession. >> new this morning, an apartment fire said one person to the hospital in the northeast. the flames started the kitchen. looking intoare the cause. looking at the day ahead, we are g several big court cases including the startup of billy state university student murdering dominique inzier in their dorm room year.ber of last they say simpson stabbed frazier argument over music her ipod.ed on she said she acted in self- defense. be in thewill look for his reports later toy on abc 7. >> alleged east coast rapist to deliver guilty pleas today purities agreed to plead to two rape charges and three counts of objection.
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he is accused of raping two people. he was arrested last year. today, kwameurt brown will be sentenced after to a federalty fraud charge. john gonzalez live with more. the prosecution has recommended at least six days in prison and four former d.c. l chairman kwame brown. after you was punished last the federal judge for report to pretrial services on three separate beasions, it will see what theo decides to do beingpurity is known for but stern. curfew and made him check in each day for the past five days. brown is being sentenced on federal bank fraud charges. admitted that he
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lied and forged signatures to personal loan. he admittedjune an lied and forged a personalto get loan. both charges carry a maximum of months in prison. live, john gonzales, abc 7 news. thank you. 5:08 is the time. following several stories the world. >> but as get the live headlines olabanji. >> following a developing story. killed and an explosion in india. they say several others have killed and 87 nearby homes destroyed. winner of the employees were overtime packing batches fireworks before the hindu
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festival which starts today. a more international news. a bomb nearnd of syria. you are seeing a video from a similar attack that happened y.sterda smoke could be seen rising into the air. the jet struck an area near the turkish border five times within a. period of 10 minutes. >> thank you very much. 5:09 is the time. degrees.
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morning karen m. jacqui jeras. 5:12. 47 degrees. -- i am jacqui jeras. adam caskey here. rocking the rain gear this morning. the sturdier umbrella. a bit of a breeze that up.icking at times it could be 15 miles per hour.
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42 degrees. we are in potomac. off 270 off montrose road along 270. traffic at speed despite the rain and rhode spray. be careful. especially in the neighborhoods have the leaves that fallen. when they get wet, they do get slick. let us take a look at the radar. take a look at the showers n area.the washingto the yellow is where it is the heaviest. tounty and close charlestown and marten's fur the. it will be here for the extent rush hour. that, looking at sunshine. 42 in potomac. temperatures in the '40's. squeeze in some sun. the rain it through the morning,
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.on through the afternoon today.ments the clouds moving out. say goodbye to the 70's, we are rest70's for the the week. breeze for you. theus go to steve for commute. far ok. passed 109e at we are in good shape there. in the rain, extra time. so far it is early. we will head over to the springfield interchange. the dulles toll road near 28, things moving slowly. here.volume brief look of the springfield should findwere you moving fairly smoothly. volume across the ocoquan. 395, good up to and across the
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bridge.eet >> thank you. superstorm sandy may be having impact on the christmas tree crop. this pharmacist thousands of christmas trees damaged by the storm. many of the trees were ordered residents in the area. is refunded almost of its orders. .:15, 44 degrees up, we are giving you to wake up and be informed. out about our iphone at. what are being called are worst songs ever. ♪ maybe it is bad, but in this popular.
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herebecca black, friday. tens of millions watched it. to be a contender. >> is thanksgiving ♪ \
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westbrook.nicola already 4 million views. likeannot sell you do not that song. is cute. >> i say congratulations to she has done a great job. gma.ill be on >> we want to offer you a more pleasant sound to wake up to. voice.eve part of our new i found out. to leonike to wake up harris? now you can. you can download the abc 7 i
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for free by going to there you go. >> 5:19. waking up to a wet start. terrible.ot we could use a little bit of rain. have not had much since sandy. unfortunately it is messing with the commute potentially. will be out of here this afternoon so hold tight. doppler radar. is across the metro area. kind of dry on the delmarva. and westward,g 81 . it is a morning event. the rainfall totals impressive. 0.75 at dulles. about a third of an inch in quantico.
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take a look at culpeper, just an inch there. a pretty significant. our weather bug network picking some totals. fairfax, the 0.69 a. half an inch in manassas. temperature-wise, you can see where the cold air is starting .infill cumberland, 39. 45 at dulles. 47 at reagan national. our temperatures will stay on the cool side. as the cold front approaches, you will see the cold air will move in. on arise thermometer. the radar and satellite e showing a clear line behind the rain it. you will see our temperatures holding 34 days. clearing by tonight but with skies tonight, many will thetemperatures fall below mark and we will be
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at 54 tomorrow. 47 to 55. 35.ght mostly clear, 30 to is your seven-day. a nice dry stretch once we get today. l storm througha the weekend and early next week. let us check on traffic. far, so good. no accidents reported. the beltway at few moree road with a as you head west on toward georgia. significant delays. over 2395. the exit for duke street, still very good. note delays. from springfield to the 14th street bridge. r as you approach the beltway with newington and. fortunately we are in good shape
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terms of accidents, nothing to beon so far, just arraigned. back to you. >> thank you. 5:22. a tech executive at microsoft is out. >> and blackberry tries to lure new customers. has shown its door.s guy the steve, the president is leaving y less than a windows 8r the released. new blackberrys system in january andd on sale next month. research in motion hose this make blackberry phones relevant again. and first-day sales of halo 3 record. 220 million. they say the ex box 360 game is likely to hit 300 million in the
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week. as call of duty on sale today. last call of duty games set record. say they will probably call today. are on it to you. those are your techbites. >>
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unbelievable. it touched down. >> that actually was a catch, even though it looks like there was no way. back into the hands. c catch last night. steelers won in overtime. big ben taken to the hospital after that hit. injured his throwing shoulder. >> ben was expected to have an mri.
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>> and do not forget the huge raven's steelers' game is sunday. brant. tim hello. nationals did not the series as you know, but collecting postseason honors. night, bryce harper won the rookie of thee's year. a teenager for most of the year. 18 stolen bases. he wants to win the world series. teamaryland basketball its home opener last night. game -- they won. howard with the past. how about this guy? the former xavier star fits right in. the other guy is alex, and nice here. he had 11 points.
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the sophomore is the acc player of the week. sports.a look at have a great day. >> thank you you do the same. 5:28, 43 degrees. >> still ahead, live with a today's cutting o
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>> live and in hd. this is "good morning washington." on your side. straight ahead, a different kind of battle for another top military official being sexluated in the petraeus scandal. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson.
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we are going to get right over .o jacqui jeras across the metro area. the most part the rain has been light, but slightly over towards hagerstown. more yellow on the map there gaithersburg and county as well as fairfax county. aware it could come down heavier at times. this is a morning event. 45 at dallas. reagan national. in the cooler 30's to the west. lottrimeter not budging a day.ghout the h rain.wit 51 at noon. maybe a lingering shower and up in thell dry afternoon. we may see sunshine. details on that in just a .inute
5:34 am
first let us check on traffic. >> here we are on the 270. the truckt 109 to scales. and damage to the beltway, we just usual volume. -- and down to the beltway, we are ok, just normal volume. ont exit 152 southbound i-95 side.ght , so faro springfield bad, the normal amount of volume moving at pace. still good up to the 14th street bridge. back to you. details emerging in the sex scandal.raeus underr top official investigation. looking into e- mails that john allen sent to
5:35 am
e woman that triggered the situation a. >> general john on the top states commander in afghanistan under investigation sending in a the womane-mails to resignation ofhe david petraeus. it is just the latest twist in scandal.owing ofer hours at the home paula, the woman who petraeus allegedly had an affair with, left with files, a computer. but did not say exactly what looking for. duringair came to light an fbi investigation of the jealous e-mails reportedly sent kelly.l to lawmakers want to know why there told about this months ago. the concern as national security. to know more about the congressional oversight committee did not know more
5:36 am
about this. they said they planned to meet privately today to determine how on all of this. live, brianne carter, news. >> a major road projects getting light. mcdonnell will cut the on the express lanes project in northern virginia. i know it is a little wet out but thank you for joining us. morning. looking at the map. toquestion is, do you have exit or enter these lanes from get onmewhere or can you already on the beltway? >> the i-495 express lanes from the springfield interchange to north of the road. toll enter and exit the express lanes at the beginning areas. in those between you can only enter them from the major arterial routes like route 7 and roddick road.
5:37 am
stretch.s a 14 mile say this is something that all motorists will be able to if they are even using the hot lanes. >> that is right. major changes and improvements to the beltway this weekend. the addition of four new lanes overpasses will be a game changer. alleally want to encourage beltway travelers to get prepared for this big change. that means going on the and make sure you are ready. know there is a floating on the amount of traffic. about how much will you be charged and at what point? e athe express lanes will us system.toll in we are measuring traffic out 24/7. the tall firs will adjust based
5:38 am
on real crime traffic conditions. fares. >> carpooling is incentivized. thank you for joining us. the hot lanes as as saturday. and citizens groups trying to save the farm. they say he conspired to give land to a group for little o cost. >> it is 5:38. get to our live desk. olabanji with news of great britain. each year the oxford university press tracks of the english language is changing. words address reflected the year.f have a british and american
5:39 am
word. omnishamblesord is -- a situation that has been characterized by blunders. and now for the american word -- gif, graphics interchange format. images that are strung together. is being recognized. making the crucial transition from a now to a verb. of someone.if edwards said also almost made list, superstorm as an superstorm sandy that passed andugh not that long ago, caused by being t your mobile phone. one,hat was probably a big make it in the next year. back to you. interesting. on the british side of things, a that almost made it,
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>> we have lots of great pets available for adoption. , rabbits and hamsters. good morning, washington. >> good morning, washington. 5:43, 47 degrees in washington. the umbrella. caskey is out with his in potomac. right, adam? >> yes. near off montrose road teeter. that is where we are. take a look at moving along at speed. i am find out in the serena. heavy.ot that overall, it is just a nice rain.
5:44 am
blowing sideways periodically due to the wind. is great for the vegetable garden. are eating well. live at yolo moving into howard yellow-- look at the moving into howard county. heavier rain. otherwise light action. every roadway is soaked. will be morning rain. afternoon, some sunshine. 41. dropped one degree here. otherwise in the lower 40's to kickstart our day. high temperatures close to the degree mark. say goodbye to the 70's that we had. back to reality. this is a cold rain. let us go back to steve.
5:45 am
how are we rolling? slowly.y 270.we are at the past the exit for 109, pace picks up. to -- we are getting reports of a water main break. northwest washington and at 11th street nw. you want to give yourself extra or if youu take buses .rive through there as well nw, a water main break. 95, south of the were dumfries, and down of the road.e delaysing open but the ocoquan andoss the fromnuing often on newington to springfield. not bad. >> thank you. new developments with the redskins and richmond. was fifth approved
5:46 am
the $9ution to build training camp facility. y many, but it,632. -- it passed 6-2. the camp is expected to bring about $8.5 million into the city year. court's coming oh! green mountain coffee! how do you always have my favorite coffee? well, inside the brewer, there's a giant staircase. and the room is filled with all these different kinds of coffee and even hot cocoa, and you'll always find your favorite. with so many choices, keurig has everyone's favorite. and i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig.
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>> coming up tonight at 5:00 p.m., we have seen a major already. of a blustery cold winter? i have got some answers for you. me tonight. >> looking forward to that.
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>> 5:49 now. at 6:00e, coming up a.m., the words to the national anthem. how this 3-you know .ear-old boy 0 learned of them of theave the results the lotection of connected to the deadly meningitis outbreak. and the new weapon against -- mice. >> a 16-year-old california girl being bittenter six times by rattlesnakes. was walking up a outside san diego trying to get cell phone reception when pit ofpped into a snakes. recovering but had to spend four days in intensive care. if you are in the desert, where boots.
5:51 am
not bring your cell phone reception,hing for because you probably will not it any ways and might step of rattlesnakes. if you are bitten by a snake should get to an room as soon as possible. 1 special atr s as they kick off the season. the government may be saving millions of dollars. but let us get the details. >> we will get to the starbucks stores. as you mentioned, congress heading back to work today. question that the fiscal issue theye biggest need to handle. $1 billion in budget cuts this january. and the informal survey shows a 102 faa towers (9.
5:52 am
enough air traffic being open 24m hours a day. if they want to be shut down that would save taxpayers more than $10 million a year. far below blocked attempts to cut hours or consolidate the work. to hear --u want starbucks is back with the deals the holiday season. last year they had the best season in its history. that is with the sales of gingerbread lot day and care caramel brulee latte. take advantage of that. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters, bell.inda was a coffee drinker i would take advantage of that. think you so much. speaking of getting up early,
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abc 7 wants to make your enjoyable with our free alarm clock iphone at. looking at your phone is the many daysg you do anyway. news, traffictest tones ersonalized alarm here.f us gives us a look and how it works. >> a lot of us wake up to our phone a glaring something like this. but here it abc 7, we will make better with this. set this alarm, you can choose from those sounds that you dread, or you can wake up to something a little better like this -- steve chenevy. buzz, buzz, buzz. or -- rise and shine. does a lot more.
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here is our weather right now, next seven days. get it hour by hour. radar. doppler have a video forecast for you. >> you can start the weekend will be worth it weatherwise. the news of mr. g.ile you are sleepin headlines to read so goingow exactly what is on. get the app, go to we hope to make this a little easier for you to say -- good morning, washington. .> good morning, sleepyhead >> so there it is, you can get going to >> it really does have everything you need to get your with the forecast, all the people with an air
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to checkepair and want in. it a little easier people wake up with r phone and went to check in. starting to see some heavier rain. been the story in parts county and montgomery fredericktowards where we are getting some at this look at the back edge of this. once it moves to the west we things clear out quickly. afternoon will be shaping up better. take a look of the rain totals so far. about a third of an inch in quantico. 0.4 inches in frederick. and what winchester, 1.09 inches. cloud cover and the cold front has not passed yet. still in the '40's. 41 in hagerstown.
5:56 am
the 30's to the west. cumberland at 39. take a look of the cold air of the northwest. degrees in indianapolis. 34 in detroit. we will see those freezing temperatures this time tomorrow. here is the satellite picture. the front on top of us. you can see the clearing line. theill take you through futurecast. handle on thed timing of the rain. morning welater this the rain at. clearing for this afternoon as temperatures will stay steady and to the 40's. our high temperature is or what right now.riencing as we stay clear, many of us down or near the our forecast today, increasing clouds. to 55. clear, 30 to 45. will be chilly.
5:57 am
could reach 50 degrees for your thursday. next chance for rain in the weekend. us see how traffic is. bridge is slowing down. heading up toward the 14th bridge, wanted the freeway, the accident was right the exit for south capitol , only the center of the getting through. the up a building to get to to south capitol street. accident blocking roadway.he over to a map. water main break here. affecting bus service and the well.c as back to you in the
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